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How can you contribute to protect the environment of Koh Kood, above and under water? Here are tips to help you make your stay on Koh Kood sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Say “no” to plastic

  • Bring a reusable shopping bag, a reusable food box, straw, coffee cup and/or cutlery

  • Reuse plastic bags

  • Refill your water bottle, whenever possible, instead of buying water in plastic bottles.

    • Ask at your accommodation for a refill

    • There are water refill stations opposite “Koh Kood Pharmacy” and on the way to Klong Yai Kee waterfall, right next to the small shop


Please don’t take any marine life as souvenir. We are sure you will find something nicer on the island.


Apply sunscreen at least 30 Min before you enter the water, so it gets drawn in. Otherwise it will get washed off, doesn’t protect you anymore and is harmful to coral and other marine life. Consider to use a sunscreen marked as “reef save”.

Please put your trash into the trash bins and don’t litter. Try to leave places even cleaner than you found them.


While diving and snorkeling


If you find marine debris pick it up or make your guide aware of it.  Whenever possible we pick up trash during our dives and participate in underwater clean ups.


Leave only bubbles and good vibes and take only photos and nice memories. Please don’t take anything else.


Don’t touch anything - some marine life is very fragil and can be harmed easily. 


Please don’t chase fish. If you like to see them closer, dive calm and slow.


Don't feed the fish. It’s unhealthy for the fish and disturbs the balance of the reef ecosystem.

Keep good buoyancy and a distance to the bottom.


Maintain in a horizontal position while diving or snorkeling, so your fins won’t touch coral or stir up the sand or sediment.


Please protect the coral by not touching them, intentionally or unintentionally. They are fragile animals and are easy to break and harm, yet they might cut you as well.

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