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Diving Koh Kood


Just off the coast of Koh Kood, you will find a fascinating underwater world with tropical hard coral reefs and diverse marine life. With good visibility, warm water and mild to non-existent currents, you'll enjoy relaxed dives where you may spot amongst others, blue-spotted stingrays, nudibranchs, barracudas, pufferfish, scorpionfish and, with a little luck, even a turtle. With our years of experience diving Koh Kood and beyond, we not only dive the well-known reefs but also explore rarely visited dive sites that often hold surprises.

At Paradise Divers Koh Kood we prioritize your diving experience. Therefore we dive in small groups and carefully select our dive sites, taking into account the current weather conditions, tides, and your diving abilities. As a small dive center, we are able to plan our diving activties individually and with flexibility in timing.

Our experienced dive guides will accompany you, sharing their knowledge with you and ensuring your entertainment both during surface intervals and underwater.

For all divers who just can't get enough of diving, we offer dive packages.

On request, we are happy to organize private boat trips, exploration dives at undiscovered reefs, and diving excursions to Koh Mak islands, the Koh Rang archipelago as well as the amazing wreck of the HTMS Chang.


We look forward to dive with you!


Our boat will take you to one, two, three or even four of the approximately 15 dive sites off the west coast of Koh Kood. Most dive sites are reachable within a 10 to 60 minutes boat ride. The duration of the boat trip varies depending on the visited dive sites and is usually between 2-7 hours. With our extensive experience, we carefully select the best dive sites, taking into account tides, current weather conditions, and your diving abilities. Drinks, lunch and shade are provided on the boat.


Duration (approx.)

2 to 7 hours

What's included

Diveguide, serviced rental equipment, lunch and drinking water

Our Prices

Boat trip Koh Kood (1 dive)       2000 THB

Boat trip Koh Kood (2 dives)       3500 THB

Boat trip Koh Kood (3 dives)       4500 THB


Has it been a while since your last dive? Or do you feel a little insecure under water and want to change that?

Then it's time to refresh your diving skills and knowledge. Our experienced dive guides adapt the course to your level of experience and knowledge and help you feel comfortable underwater. Before you enter the water, you will go through the basics of diving theory with your dive guide and clarify any remaining questions. In the water you will find that diving is like cycling - you don't forget it. Your dive begins in shallow water with a review of the most important diving skills, which you might remember from your Open Water Diver course.

During the guided dive at one of Koh Kood's dive sites, your dive guide will always stay by your side, assisting you if necessary and ensuring your safety and fun.


Duration (approx.)

From Shore: 3 hours

By boat (2 dives): 6 hours

What's included

Dive guide, serviced rental equipment, For boat trip: lunch and drinking water

Our Prices

From shore

By boat (2 dives)

2500 THB

4500 THB


Have you ever wondered how the underwater world changes at night? If so, join us for a night dive to experience the transformation first hand and discover a whole new world. Encounter crabs, pufferfish, stingrays, and even witness the mesmerizing sight of fluorescent plankton. For the best experience, we recommend a daytime dive before going on a night dive.

Our Prices

Night Dive from shore

2800 THB


Duration (approx.)

2 hours

What's included

Dive guide, serviced rental equipment, dive torch

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